Film Names have disappeared, replaced by synopsis

Infrequent crashes until 4 days ago, 3 crashes in one day, still unable to turn on ‘Sharing’ (almost instant crashing).
4 days ago decided to “Remove all custom packages and settings” in ‘Diagnostic’.
Reinstalled all packages as previously and finally turned on ‘Sharing’ and after 3 days still no crashes.
Why I didn’t do that in the first place I don’t know, but it would seem that I messed something up installing as a newbie.
Anyhow thanks for the help

Spoke to soon!!!!!!!!!!!
>>> Contents of /mod/tmp/crash.log 124.00 bytes
Humax crashed at Wed Nov 6 16:40:40 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 4293
Humax crashed at Fri Nov 8 22:11:54 GMT 2013 - Uptime: 116651
I'm going to go through all the steps suggested by Ezra Pound again,
especially the Sharing On, dongle removed.
I have another same make dongle - I will try that as well.