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I have just purchased a new box from Argos for £179.99, it is loaded with FHTCP 1.03.06, Loader a7.34, and MICOM 12.1. My other boxes have Loader a7.30, and MICOM 9.3.

There is an obvious hardware difference, in that the Aerial and RF Out sockets are arranged vertically, whereas on my other boxes, they are arranged horizontally. On the new box, these sockets and the surrounding area are quite warm.

The supplied User's Manual has been "updated", and is Copyright 2013. It shows the revised rear panel layout. It also shows the updated TV Portal, and tells you how to create an Account.
So they've definitely changed the tuner module then! Wasn't there another post about that, or was it in the other place?
I don't recall anyone mentioning that the sockets had been reorientated, or that the MICOM had been updated.
Having done a search for the Humax DTR-1000/1010 YouView boxes, I can confirm that the rear panel view looks rather similar to my new box.
The HDR I have that came with 1.03.06, has the 'old' horizontal tuner layout.

Edit: To correct wrong f/w version!
Another difference that I have just noticed, is that the new RM-F04 remote control has larger text/graphics than the older ones.
Brian - same System ID as the others?

Posted on the move; please excuse any brevity.
Another difference that I have just noticed, is that the new RM-F04 remote control has larger text/graphics than the older ones.

Sorry for the version typo! I have edited the post.

My HDR does NOT have RE on the label, however, I agree with Brian, it's remote control, while still a RM-F04, has larger graphics/text than my other remotes.

System Infomation:

Loader: a7.34
System ID: 80BC.7E00
Minicom: 9.3

Horizontal tuner layout.

Bare in mind that this HDR was downgraded to 1.02.32 from 1.03.06. It does work OK, but randomly gives 'scrambled broadcast/no signal'. Ironically I have only got that message when changing channels, not when I am actually watching a broadcast. I.E. The picture does not suddenly go blank with the message. A power cycle is the only way to restore.
I'm wondering if the "RE" could perhaps indicate that the unit is the revised version. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has one, and whether it has the vertical aerial/RF sockets.
I've been watching a couple of HDRs on ebay as I am looking to buy another. One seller of electrical goods seems to list a few every week and posts good photos. One that sold recently had the 're' suffix on the label and also had vertical aerial sockets.
Could it be that Humax are rationalising their production line, producing one type of hardware but with different firmware that is product/model specific. I.E. HDR Fox T2 or YouView?

Either way, the problems people seem to be having appear to be tuner related and with this latest info from Brian something is going on.

It will all sort itself out in the wash.
The Humax YouView box has the RF sockets arranged vertically. It could be that they are trying to converge the hardware to save money.