HDR-FOX T2 to HDHomeRun, my journey

Black Cloud

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I have acquired a Fitlet with Win10Home on it. The Fitlet is a very basic tiny PC that you can put in the glove compartment of your car, and use it for mobile entertainment. It is very slow, though. It does not have a fan, so it can go in the tv room without annoying anyone. I am not recommending the Fitlet, just experimenting with it. It is not connected to the internet, so it cannot update, which otherwise would stop it working until I intervene to say I don't need the tour of Win10's latest enhancements.

I installed DvrOnTime and it all went well, and the OTA EPG loaded successfully. I noticed right away that HD channels 101 to 105 all had programmes starting on the next hour, so I set up five simultaneous recordings to check out the four tuners on my HDHomeRun.

Woohoo: Five perfect glitch free recordings that started on time and finished on time. Way to go! I'm hooked now.

All I need now is a PC utility to detect the ad breaks and life will be idyllic.
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