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HDR Fox T2 Wireless Dongle

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by raydon, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. raydon

    raydon Well-Known Member


    With the release of the new firmware which now supports wifi LAN connections, I thought it timely to post this information.

    As far as I can ascertain the official Humax dongle is a rebadged Intellinet 150N model 524438.
    See the pictures above for a comparison.

    These dongles are based on the Ralink RT3070 chipset. (Ralink software is supplied with the Humax dongle).
    So, any dongle using the same chipset should work with the T2. If you have one of these lying around then give it a try. You must have the dongle plugged into either USB port and have no ethernet cable connected for the WiFi setup option to be become active in the System Menu.

    Please report your successes, or failures in the thread here, for the benefit of others. :D
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  2. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Do you know how much Humax are charging for their dongles?
  3. keytouch

    keytouch Member

  4. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    £29 doesn't seem too bad, I thought that they would have been more expensive than that.

    I have tried two different 802.11N WiFi dongles in my HDR with no success.
  5. Sandholme

    Sandholme Member

    No you don't, mine is plugged in to the front port as I lose 2 bars by the time the signal gets to the back.
  6. Cameron Cooke

    Cameron Cooke New Member

    Thanks for that. I've just ordered one. I'll let you know how I get on with it.
  7. parish

    parish Member

    Agreed, Sony charge £70 for theirs!!
  8. raydon

    raydon Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sandholme, I stand corrected. Have amended the original post.
  9. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Would it be worthwhile listing dongles which we have tried, and whether or not they worked for the benefit of others? I will start by listing the two that I have tried.

    Belkin - F5D8053 - N Wireless USB Adaptor (did Not work)
    Texet - WA3070-06 - N Wireless USB Adaptor (did Not work)
  10. rogdog

    rogdog Member

    Just tested an Edimax usb nlite wireless dongle which seems to work fine
    Edimax Ew-7711utn 11n 150Mbps Mini-size Usb Adapter

    Didn't work at first as I already had a network cable plugged in. Once I unplugged it and rebooted Humax the WIFI options were enabled and I could scan and connect to my wifi router.

    Cheaper than the Humax dongle (aprox £10)


    The following Edimix range of Adapters should all work with the latest Humax firmware.

    Tested OK
    EW-7711UTn - Mini-size with built in antenna (Amazon Rating 4/5 - 159 votes)
    EW-7711UAn - Mini-size with Built-in high gain 3dB antenna (Amazon Rating 4/5 - 218 votes)
    EW-7711USn - Normal size with detachable high gain 3dB detachable external antenna (Amazon Rating 4/5 - 12 votes)
    EW-7711UMn - Normal Size with built in high gain 3dB external antenna (Amazon Rating 3.5/5 - 3 votes) - Tested by member clemenzina

    So far I would opt for the ones with have a high gain 3dBi antenna and should provide a better wifi range than the EW-7711UTn mini dongle.
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  11. Have you tried the iplayer in HD?
  12. FifthHorseman

    FifthHorseman New Member

    Useful, especially as the Edimax EW-7711Uxn range includes versions with a high gain fixed (EW-7711UAn) or detachable (EW-7711USn) external antenna.
  13. I bought a dongle off eBay new a few weeks ago from a UK volume seller for £5, plug it in and it works without any problems. All that written on it is "wireless 150bps adapter" so cant tell anymore details. However, this proves you dont even need to spend £29 to get a dongle that works.
  14. + £6 delivery!!! may as well buy a power-line Ethernet socket adaptor
  15. raydon

    raydon Well-Known Member

    I think you'll find that's what I said in the first post, and the whole reason for starting it.
  16. ChrisDaniels

    ChrisDaniels Well-Known Member

    Nice find RogDog. I'll be picking up one of these from tesco to free up a port on my router.

    £10 is much better than Humax's price
  17. James

    James Member

    May As well just buy a switch as then your guaranteed a decent connection.
  18. ChrisDaniels

    ChrisDaniels Well-Known Member

    My 50mb virgin superhub is right behind the tv though so there will be no connection issues :)
  19. rogdog

    rogdog Member

    My broadband ain't fast enough for HD iplayer.
  20. almo42

    almo42 New Member

    Tried my Getnet GN-621U (actually a Realtek RTL8191SU) Wireless N Dongle and it doesn't work :(