Media mistakes

I know Kenfig... some of it is quite a long way from the loos, and offside.
But it's only an offence if they become "involved in active play", "interfere with an opponent", or "gain an advantage" by being in that position.

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The fight is on!
I don't see the mistake in there.
In that out of context quote the 'Duel' may look wrong, but it's the name of the device - nothing to do with the specs following it.
Not a spelling mistake but a cock-up never the less. From the Mail on line:

Chancellor Rishi Sunak this morning said it was important to look at 'the impact of coronavirus in the round' including the economy. But she stopped short of agreeing to the CRG's demands
I thought there was a second mistake as I'd never heard of the CRG (Covid Recovery Group). I thought it might be "the usual suspects" - as in the ERG - but there seems to be only one common member.
Someone has obviously found the gender smelling mistake as it now says "he".
We will soon need a brexit recovery group too. So who will head that, do you think? The Tory Double Whammy.
Easily done. Our excuse is that we are not paid professionals, "the media" are. Our aging brains ( :rolleyes: :rolling: ) are suffering. Similar sounding words are becoming confusing. If you're a "dyslexic typist" (as I often call myself) you hit the wrong keys by typing too fast with fat clumsy fingers. With the attention span waning, proof reading the contribution falls by the wayside. Even so, I had to laugh when I saw that howler.
From our own, our very own forum.

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Give me strength!

If it's done on a phone or tablet then the auto-spell/correct is often very unhelpful too.

But that example's not a media mistake, just a normal user.