Media mistakes

Actually, there is a goofy ambiguity in the article.

The UK was slightly behind the curve on [decimalisation], with Russia introducing a decimalised ruble in 1704 and the US in 1792, while a previous effort to do so in Britain failed in 1824.

I am glad we failed to introduce that decimalised rouble.

It's funny how history sometimes negates what we believe. We still have the foreign money embedded in our £!

The system of pounds, shillings and pence, otherwise known as £sd or L.s.d. (no, they weren’t tripping – LSD didn’t come about until the mid-20th century), had its origins in ancient Rome, where there was a monetary system consisting of silver denarii and gold solidi. One gold solidus was worth 12 silver denarii, while 240 denarii were minted from one librus, or a pound weight, of silver. The Carolingian monetary reforms of Pepin the Short and his son Charlemagne in the Holy Roman Empire revived elements of this system in western Europe during the 8th century.

So £1 (librus) would be worth about £292 these days, 1d (denarius) about £1.22, and 1s (solidus) £14.50. The latter would be a gold coin with a mass of a third of a gram.
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It's funny how history sometimes negates what we believe.
What do you mean - isn't that what you believed?

Each to his own :cool:
What's yours?

From the web page linked in post 68:
The Royal Mint has struck a commemorative 50p to mark the date, although the new style seven-sided coin was actually released two years earlier and celebrated its 50th birthday in 1969.

Brilliant uncirculated, silver and golf proof versions are available from the Mint's website for £10, £57.50 and £1,100 respectively.
"Golf proof"??!

So the £4.50 one is a bit of a bargain then :rolleyes:
Its not gold proof. Proof is the quality of the minting as in uncirculated etc. The quality of the gold or silver is not specified in your quote
According to the Mail on line, the e used to be 240p to the pound before decimailsation in Feb 71
I've still got the leaflet about it. I came across it a few weeks ago whilst looking for something else.
(Decimailsation (!), by the Mail?)

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