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New firmware available - with media server feature :)


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Strange ! Can you play with sound any other videos avi's or mkv's that happened to be already on your pc also maybe worth rebooting your pc. Looks like I was lucky no problems whatsoever -except can't play HD
Yes, I can even play the .ts files if I copy them across to the PC. Also I have tried a different PC and got the exact same problem.

I'm not sure why you cant play HD though. Apart from no sound, they play fine for me.


I've always been able to use wmp without any problem. Today I installed the latest Klite codec pack to see if I could stream hd from my Humax . Quess what -Wmp stutters on sound and no video whatsoever, Restore machine to previous version and WMP now good again. So for all you people having WMP playback problems it could be Klite codec problem.