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[nicesplice]+[nicesplice-magic-folders] On box video editing

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by Drutt, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Starbase

    Starbase Member

    I am also having issues with nicesplice, edited Film 4+1 recordings fall short of the 2nd cut point. maybe this is because the channel derives from an HD multiplex?
  2. MontysEvilTwin

    MontysEvilTwin Well-Known Member

    What message is returned when nicesplice completes? Does it say something like 'Read failure/ EOF'? There is a known bug in nicesplice whereby it interprets a short frame as an end of file marker and does not process the file beyond that point. If you have Detectads installed, this uses a modified version of nicesplice called nsplice. This bug is fixed in nsplice. It is possible to run nsplice from the command line, see here for details.
  3. Starbase

    Starbase Member

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I usually do my editing on the box using the remote control. Do you think Drutt might update the original niceplice package to fix this bug or maybe you can create a stand alone package of your nsplice?
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    MontysEvilTwin Well-Known Member

    I don't know whether or not Drutt plans to fix this. I presume that as the bug has already been fixed in the version of nicesplice used in Detectads (nsplice), that the fix would be straightforward. MymsMan created nsplice (based on Drutt's code). You can run nsplice from the command line. There is an example in the post I linked to above: it is quite straightforward.
  5. MymsMan

    MymsMan Well-Known Member

    Drutt hasn't posted in the forums for almost a year and was 'last seen' back in January so I don't know if he is still using his Humax or has moved on to pvrs new.
    I would want to have his agreement before doing anything with nicesplice.
  6. MymsMan

    MymsMan Well-Known Member

    I sent a message to Drutt and he has just updated the nicesplice package.

    I will be keeping an eye out for any further problems since he has been too busy to keep up with the forums
  7. Starbase

    Starbase Member

    Thanks I'll try again with the problem recordings and report back
  8. Starbase

    Starbase Member

    I've tried editing one of my previously failing Film 4+1 recordings and nicesplice now appears to work correctly. Many thanks
    Drutt likes this.
  9. Drutt

    Drutt Active Member

    Sorry it took so long to update it! Didn't realise the bug had become common issue. Thanks to MymsMan for finding the fix and offering help maintain the package.
  10. Ian

    Ian New Member

    I'd love to try NiceSplice, but it doesn't appear in the available packages list, and it doesn't seem to do anything when I plug in a USB drive with it on. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!
  11. MartinLiddle

    MartinLiddle Super Moderator Staff Member

    Have you checked your installed packages? I think nicesplice will be installed with webif.
  12. Ian

    Ian New Member

    I've checked installed packages, and though WebIf (and other things I've added) are there, NiceSplice isn't. If it would there, I would also expect a Crop option in the media browser within the web interface, I think?
  13. Luke

    Luke Well-Knwon Member

    Did you check the 'advanced' packages.
  14. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Sorry, where will I see advanced packages? In Package Management I only have three tabs: Installed, Available, and Upgrades: it appears in none of them.
  15. Black Hole

    Black Hole Felinos Monk

    I can't check at the moment, but you should see a button top right that says something like "show advanced packages", or otherwise it's a setting on the Settings page.

    Packages only install from USB if you download the "bundle" version.
  16. MymsMan

    MymsMan Well-Known Member

    At the top right of the Installed/Available package list there is a Show/Hide button for advanced packages.
    Not quite sure why Nicesplice is considered to be an Advanced package.
  17. Ian

    Ian New Member

    I don't have a show/hide there, or in the settings for the web interface (main page > settings).

    Why might that be??
  18. MymsMan

    MymsMan Well-Known Member

    On the Settings page it is at the top of the Advanced Settings section.

    What version of the customised firmware and webif do you have installed?
  19. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Webif is 2.89
    Firmware is 4.1.3

    I can't see an advanced settings section...And I had run package updates...
  20. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    You have a FoxSat not a T2.

    The FoxSat section is that way ----->