Reservation time 3:14 - 3:14

This must have happened to others, but I can't find a pertinent existing thread.

Example: I recently tried to record Wallander from 31/05/2014, BBC 4. The EPG offered me the alternatives (SD and HD) and I selected SD (HD has a sound track which often doesn't include the actors' voices, but that's another story).
The orange programme slot didn't show the red 'L', so I looked in the Schedule. There it was, date 19/01 ( actually 19/01/2038 when I went to edit it), start and end times both set to 03:14.

This has happened on other occasions, with exactly the same date and times. I can think of no reason for it, nor see any pattern.

In this latest case there were no other reservations for the same day.

Now it's open for discussion.


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Quite so....
The number quoted is the maximum signed integer for a 32 bit quantity and corresponds to when the clock on Unix/Linux systems of this generation hits the date you quoted. I guess it's a bug in something, but no idea what. That explains the funky date/time anyway.


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Does the OP by any chance have the Custom Firmware installed and has the original flawed Nowster patch installed ? I do have the CF installed, I have the latest Nowster patch. As shown by my post no problem with this programme set by the CF webif interface.