[rs] Remote Scheduling v1

I'm now missing the discrete Now & Next EPG button on the home screen and instead have to click through the link at the top and the following Guide button to access the EPG proper.
So that's what that setting does! I still don't have the previously existing button that used to float around under the donation opportunity, but now I don't need it.
rs is telling me that all my boxes and my parents' have not been seen for 14 hours (which is the time period I set). It did it some time last week and it's busy doing it again. The fact it complains about my parents' boxes which are in a different county says to me there's something up with the server. Either that or the package needs an update on all of them, it'll be one I updated in the summer.
I've a new one: RS tells me that yesterday's /Fair Isle_ Living on the Edge/Fair Isle_ Living on the Edge_20161205_2100 failed to record, but it didn't!?
Has this stopped yet? There was a problem with the new server not processing EPG uploads over 1MiB in size but that was fixed last night.
Hard to tell since rs doesn't start thinking about sending the emails again until it has successfully connected to the box. I've just logged in to rs and it claims to have contacted all the boxes last night.


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well, the fact is that I want to catch events with the word ski only. there is one but my +ski search working last year does not find it now.

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Didn't think so, I'll just have to turn them off globally (which isn't a major problem). Are you considering moving the global settings into the separate fields for multiple machines?

(Oh - and I see the RS site has a winter wonderland theme. Might be appropriate towards the end of this week!)


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Are you considering moving the global settings into the separate fields for multiple machines?
I wasn't but could be persuaded. There is a 'disable conflict alerts' flag for each device, it just isn't exposed via the GUI. I could set it by hand for your news server if you give me the ID.