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Every other case of "each()" being deprecated known to the Big G seems to involve PHP, so this is a server issue. I suppose a diagnostic is being rolled into the page as the server is generating it.

That doesn't explain why it appears for BH and not for MM, unless BH just happened to catch the PHP server after a restart (and then further messages, as it says, are suppressed). I don't suppose RS is running an application cluster, let alone with different versions of PHP.

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No, I don't get the Deprecated message when repeating your search

Such messages are generated by the browser and normally appear in the browser log and not on screen
Which browser are you using and do they occur with other browsers?
I didn't just see it once, I saw it multiple times (iOS/Safari). I have repeated same now on Win7/Chrome and see similar. It's not a one-off, and it would be incredibly unlikely I always happen to be the first user after a PHP restart.


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I don't suppose RS is running an application cluster, let alone with different versions of PHP.
It was a change of PHP version (IIRC) that broke package uploads a couple of months or so back.
each() has been deprecated since PHP 7.2.0 so, presumably it was running on something prior to that until recently.

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Auto Emails re-started again this morning, not sure why, I guess something on the RS server got kicked back into life


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Nothing has changed there, and I've been getting them throughout (it's one of things I look for each day)
I can take a look at the logs if you send me your RS ID (or the email address)
Apologies if this has been covered in the previous 46 pages, which I have not read but...

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The EPG Favourites Group settings, to my mind, belongs in the EPG Settings box.

Which is to say I didn't spot it the first four times I looked for it, which is, of course, your fault... 🙂


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Some people have multiple devices registered with RS and each one might have different favourites groups setup - hence it is a device attribute

Ezra Pound

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My daily RS Email notifications stopped on the 18th. January 2021, was it just for me ?
Just a quick update, this problem turned out to be Talktalk bouncing / losing Emails from noreply@hpkg.tv, they seem incapable or unwilling to fix this problem so I moved to Gmail and all is working again, please note you can change the Email address used by the RS server in the Web-If setting page, see link here:-