Beta [samba] Samba 3

Get rid of the mount in hotplug.cnf - I know it says "do not modify", but I think that's because any changes will get over-written if the package gets updated.
No it is recreated at boot time so any changes will be lost on next reboot

What would probably work is to edit mod/etc/smb.conf
remove the line include = /mod/etc/smb-hotplug.conf
copy the details for My Music from hotplug to smb.conf

Alternatively copy hotplug to another name and edit it, change the include line to point to the new file name.

Any change to the drives mounted in \media won't be accessible via smb but that is your choice.
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So an S99 script could be used to put something else in its place and then restart the SMB service?
When looking at folders on the humax from windows I realised that symlinks were not being resolved

I found on the web the suggestion to add the following lines to smb.conf and it works:
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes
unix extensions = yes
allow insecure wide links = yes
Unfortunately git on windows doesn't follow the links but that is another mystery to explore
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