Software version 1.01.13 for HDR-1800T and HDR-2000T to be broadcast OTA


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Barry over at is reporting that a new software version 1.01.13 will be broadcast OTA from 26th March.
Will this interfere with our recording schedule? We're away for the next 6 weeks. We did a manual update a couple of months ago, so we may already be up-to-date.
Firmware updates don't usually affect future recordings (unless they are defective in some way). If you are worried, confirm you have the 1.01.13 firmware installed: Menu >> Settings >> System >> System Information, and if not install it manually before you go away.
Thank you for that. I can't check the current firmware as the Humax is about 12,000 miles away! I was more worried that it would ask us if we wanted to upgrade and then do nothing for the 6 weeks it'll take for us to answer. It's the sort of design annoyance that Humax seems so good at.
Will this interfere with our recording schedule? We're away for the next 6 weeks. We did a manual update a couple of months ago, so we may already be up-to-date.
No you won't be up to date as the latest publicly available version is 1.01.06. I don't think it will affect the recording schedule as I think (but am not certain) it will need a manual confirmation after downloading before it installs.
I didn't realise it wasn't already in circulation.

Presumably the OTA defeat strategy - see Things Every... (click) section 1 - would also work on a 1800T/2000T, but nothing is going to help if the OP is already away on his trip whatever intervention we might suggest. Seems like a pointless question.
Version 1.01.10 was made available to people who bought a HDR-2000T/ 300Mbps WiFi dongle bundle as the dongle does not work with older firmware. This version was reported to break YouTube so hopefully 1.01.13 will fix this and some other niggles reported by HDR-2000T owners. As some versions of the YouTube app are reported to cease functioning in late April (see here) it will be interesting to see what happens with the HDR-FOX and HDR-2000T.
I have never known an OTA update (on the HDR-FOX) to wipe the recording schedule but there is a first time for everything.
Thanks, chaps. The point of the question was to seek some reassurance, there clearly being no guarantees, that I'm likely still to have a raft of recordings to watch when I get home. Which I now have.
But at least the OP knows that his schedule may or may not be affected, most likely not:)
That's what I assumed as well. So the OP will have to brace himself when he returns to whatever the update may or may not leave on his device. But I think he should bear in mind that it's only TV, which I can't think could possibly a mater of life or death, unless he knows differently.:)
New firmware version 1.01.13 is now available for download from Humax support site. See original post here by Barry at Strangely, they have posted separate links to zip archives for the 2000T 500GB and 1TB boxes, although the hdf's contained therein are identical, as is the 1800T version. The hdf's all have dual system ID's of 80BC.7E10 (2000T) and 80BC.7E11 (1800T) with an update date of 21st Feb 2015.
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1.01.13 is also available via the HDRs' internet connection. It came up with a very large simple banner accepting or declining and implied that it could be done later. I declined as I want to see if and when it offers again.

I have had 1.01.13 installed for a very short period and couldn't find anything different in addition to the dongle support compared to 1.01.06. 1.01.13 does bringYoutube back to where it was with 1.01.6, which could be the reason why Humax did not want 1.01.10 widely distributed.

BTW compared to the HDR-FOX T2 the HDR-2000T loading new software is really spooky in the speed that the HDR-2000T software is updated.
mmm my 2000T updated last night. Now every 5 mins or so the screen goes green and stays green :( Anyone else experienced the same ? I guess the next thing to try is a full reset or full power down, annoyed me last night, so went to sleep instead....