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[webif] Version 1.0.9 Released


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Well I'm glad to find it's not just me!
Brian said he was having no such problem.
Could it be to do with the iPad/iOS.
Brian and 4291' what devices/browsers are you each using?
I am using iPad air, and iPad mini, both iOS 7.0.6 and Mercury Browser.
I only have Seven HD channels tuned into my boxes, so don't have the channels you are having problems with.
You click on the wording of the channel name (not the icon) in an EPG screen, WiKi page HERE
Thank you Ezra, thats brilliant as I have really missed this feature from the old Digifusion and Humax Freesat boxes. It was also the only reason we bought a Sagem PVR.

Thank you to af123 for this, I just love that man :)
These are the settings I have:

This is the view I get for multi channel:

This is the view I get for single channel:

I have cleared the browsers history & cookies, I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

See the little green box at the top of this post? Well I don't have the 'Default Single Channel Style' option on my settings page.

Do I need to upgrade and if so could someone tell me how to do it? Thanks guys
@af123, I have just had a thought, would it be possible to add another button to the single channel grid view to return you to the multi-channel grid view so you can select another channel to view. I realise that the browser back button will take you back, but a dedicated button would be nice.
This is what I was looking for a minute ago but I just had to press back on browser.

Ezra Pound

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Web-If >> Package Management >> Update Package List From Internet, then 'Upgrades' should give you the option to install the latest Web-If Version

Ezra Pound

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Yes, you should now have a different Web-If >> Settings >> EPG Settings screen, if not place the Humax in stand-by for 30 seconds and the turn it back on