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One difference between the two recordings is that A place in the sun was moved by sweeper but I Escaped... wasn't
Happened again today - A place in the sun was queued for decrypt and shrink and both failed with 'Could not load .ts file'. Looking at the auto log, it was swept from My Video after being queued. Could sweeper be run before the queue submission(s) ?

Edit: I suspect I mean autotrigger rather then sweeper if these are not the same thing...
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Could sweeper be run before the queue submission(s) ?
Sweeper, Flatten, Newk and other plugins that could move/rename files have a higher priority in the scan than Decrypt, Shrink, Detectads etc so they should be run first.

You would need to look further back in the auto log (or post it again) from the point it was queued for decryption/shrink to see why the previous sweeper scan did not move the file then - probably in use for some reason.
The next question is why the decryption did not start before the next scheduled scan run, possibly because of the system shutting down after the recording of 'I Escaped'

The recording should have be re-queued for decryption and shrink with its new name after Sweeper moved it


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MymsMan I'm not sure if you expected a response from me but I have attached the relevant section of the auto log which shows the programs being queued before autotrigger moved them. This, I assume, caused the 'Could not load .ts file' error in the queue. The program was requeued from its 'new home' on the next auto run and processed fine.

Edit: I should point out that I turned the pvr on at 17:00 and left it on until the successful auto run had completed.


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Perhaps you should change your name to Lemony Snicket because you suffering a series of unfortunate coincidences!

Your regular daily recording schedule, use of 5 minute padding, and 20 minute auto processing interval means that every day A place in the sun is finishing just as a regular auto process scan is starting - what happens varies depending on which order they occur. Nothing is going wrong - it is just not as efficient as it could be

If you reduced padding to 4 minutes or changed your automatic processing interval to something other than 5, 10 or 20 it is less likely to coincide with the end of recording.
(In the old auto processing the timing was set at 5, 25, 45 past the hour so that it didn't coincide with programmes ending on the half hours)


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Thanks MymsMan. After some googling I tend to agree with your Lemony Snicket comment...
I did say in a previous post 'if you think it worth progressing' as I only really wanted to highlight it in case there is an underlying problem.
I am quite happy that it will be processed on the next run so, if nothing else, there is now an awareness should it be raised in the future.
My auto processing interval is set to 30 minutes but, for my own 'amusement', I will play with the padding and change the interval to 25 minutes.


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Oddly enough clicking in "Upgrade all packages" does not 'update' to 1.4.9.-11 from


Edit: Sorry just noticed that there is a sub-forum for beta c/f.


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Oddly enough clicking in "Upgrade all packages" does not 'update' to 1.4.9.-11 from
It doesn't update to 1.4.0-11 from 1.4.0-12 because the latter is newer.

I don't know where you got 1.4.9 and 1.2.0 from...
Specsavers is that-a-way ------------->
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Just loaded the beta webif 1.4.0-14 because it was there and the VFD mimic is just displaying [Loading...]. Am I missing something and is there somewhere better to discuss this?

Edit: Rebooted the Humax again and it seems to be working.
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After upgrading (webif and redring) and rebooting I am just getting Loading... in the new display.
No messages since boot in Redring.log though Humaxtv.log has a few
84[RR] Thu Mar 2 11:05:03 2017: Ring going blue, full boot.
75 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:58 2017: Opened VFD data file '/tmp/.vfd'
9 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: -------------------------------------
8 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Level: sb_vfd = 0xd1
7 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Level: ha_rec = 0x7e
6 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Level: ha_blue = 0x83
5 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Timezone: GMT (0)
4 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Options 0x427
3 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Got Micom TX fd = 8
2 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: Initialising v2.19
1 [RR] Thu Mar 2 11:04:56 2017: -------------------------------------
Anything else to look for?




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