What We Know So Far ...

If you have a chance to have a play can you post the firmware version installed ?
I picked one up today. The leather look on top is actually hard plastic.

Firmware details were version UKTFAE 1.00.51 Loader UKTAE 1.03 Update Date 16 Aug 2015. There were no newer updates available.

I've found a couple of bugs so far. All 4 (4OD) doesn't work. It will play the adverts but not the content. Wireless passwords can not contain an & because its not in the character set that is used to input the password.

One minor niggle is that the guide doesn't seem to have page up/down/back/forwards functionality (you have to step through one item at a time). [Edit: page up/page down is there if you use Channel up/down buttons in the guide]

Contrary to some of the specifications details on the web, live TV pause/rewind feature is implemented.

Netflix does not seem to be there yet.
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MrKC - does it have DLNA server capability and an FTP server? Is it possible to play from and export to a USB device?
According to Barry at MyHumax.org it has a DLNA server and archive to USB storage (waiting for confirmation whether the copy is encrypted).

Edit: Barry says SD decrypted; HD encrypted.
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Programme up/down is pretty standard on Humax boxes to scroll the epg one page. The forward and reverse skip keys and the fast forwards/reverse keys usually skip one screen or 1 day in the epg. Entering a channel number normally jumps to that channel in the epg. Interested to know if these work on this box.
The Hughes Cambridge store received their first stock on Friday 2 Oct
First impressions very good. Built in wifi. Very clear EPG and navigation looks straightforward. Netflix is not listed on the available apps
BBC iplayer, ITV, All4 and Demand 5, You Tube, Internet Radio and Euronews are there.

I took a photo of the System Info with my mobile. As new member unable to attach anything so typed info below.

System Information:

Model Name: FVP 4000T

Software Version: UKTFAE 1.00.51

Loader Version: UKTFAE 1.03

Update Date: 16 AUG 2015

MAC Address (LAN): 40:3d: ec: 11:00:e9

MAC Address: (WLAN) 00:30:0d:0e:58:6b
Just ordered mine from Hughes for delivery on Wednesday. Looking forward to sharing my first impressions.
Do you have HDR-FOX experience to calibrate your impressions? All reviews are useful, but calibrated reviews doubly so.
Made me chuckle ...
From digitalspy earlier today:
TerryH said:
I just spoke to Hughes as to why it was no longer available...

"since your conversation this morning we have been advised this model has not been officially released and were not allowed to sell them at the moment"
Interesting. I would have gone for photos of the setting and preference menus! But still useful for some insight.
That handset is almost a deal breaker for me. Given that the remote is the main. way to interact with the box its truly bizarre that they have gone with such an uncomfortable design.

A universal remote will overcome this. However, so far, I am getting a bad feeling about this recorder. Slow UI, most used functions hidden in menus and awkward remote.

Anyone know of any other triple tuner PVRs?
You would think remote control handsets should be the subject of an ergonomic study, but by the looks of things either they haven't (a good subject for a future PhD dissertation) - or Humax haven't availed themselves of it.