Whats the best Freesat buy at the moment


I've put this in the Customised Firmware section because I would like to update my Foxsat-HDR box, and wondered if any of the currently available boxes have custom firmware hacks?

Thanks in advance.

I've not logged in as often as I should have, but I anticipated the answer would be in the negative. I shall have to stick with what I have then, and if an admin would like to remove this thread, no problem.

Thanks again.

One reason may be to recover use of iPlayer. I still have access to that on my Youview box, laptop, tablet and smartphone but if I was looking for a permanently plumbed in solution I would be looking at adding an Android TV box alongside my existing Foxsat HDR which still functions very well at its main job of being a PVR especially with the addition of Raydon's custom firmware.
For what reason?
Well, update maybe the wrong word to use, because I love the Foxsat and the T2's I have. I'm looking for something in case my Foxsat falls over. Maybe I should look for a spare box on eBay ETC.