FVP-4000T my 2 Cents

Pause TV is ALWAYS being recorded so maybe you didn't follow
I do understand. I know that 2 hours of program is constantly being recorded to allow pause/rewind. I regularly watch several programs on the same channel after pausing with no problems. However, if a scheduled recording starts, this 2 hour buffer is restarted so you will loose the end of your programme. Possible solutions are: 1, fast forward through adverts to catch up with live broadcast if possible. 2, Press instant record while watching your programme. This will record the whole programme including the end. Play the recording from where left off to see end


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A time line doo dah appeared at the bottom of the screen in red showing the start time of the recording as the start point.
That's what happens on my FOX HDR as well. But I didn't twig the relevance.
I think I remember if you do this and the recording finishes you go back to live, even though you haven't caught up.
Yep, that's exactly what happens. And I suspect that's what the OP is talking about.
...under some circumstances the time-shift buffer isn't always being recorded.
The most obvious being when you are watching the same channel as you are recording (either by timer or instant record).
It is unlikely to record anything into the buffer if, for some reason, you are watching a data channel (eg BBC Four before 7pm).

Isn't there a crafty trick that can be performed where you can record three programmes at once on the 2 tuner devices? (although channel choice may be limited). Set two timers (eg. BBC1 at 6pm & BBC2 at 6pm) switch to another channel (eg. ITV at 6pm). When one of the timer recordings has finished the time-shift buffer navigation buttons become active and you can wind back and record. In this case the time-shift buffer is being used whilst two other recordings are taking place - you just can't interact with the buffer whilst both timer recordings are active.

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Yes, quite right. The point is that (for HDR-FOX in particular, other units may vary) it won't record and buffer the same service at the same time (and obviously not buffer a data-only service or a data-part-time service when broadcasting data).

The loss of time-shift functionality (using the recording file as the buffer) isn't restricted to when a recording ends - it also fails when a recording of that service begins (even though the content you want is already in the TSR buffer). This is an inadequacy in the software design (and in any case the hardware is perfectly capable of writing the data to disk in two places if they wanted to).
Bit of an update

When setting up a series link in SD the 4000 PROMPTS TO RECORD SERIES LINKS IN HD and that's great...

...but rather bizarrely there's NO HD PROMPT FOR MOVIES???????

Update is it now prompts to save movies in HD too!! :)

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BH. He know that and is just doing it out of sheer b***** mindedness.
That's apart from the fact that the whole post is pointless.
It's broke.
No it isn't.
It's broke.
No it isn't.
It just doesn't do what Member 7823 thinks it ought to do.
There are things my 2000T does that I don't like, but I don't constantly "female dog" about it. So Humax haven't updated the firmware to correct things. Live with it. Do something about it (complain to Humax, try to find an alternative solution). Or ditch the Humax and buy something else.


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The problem with that is that you will still see their posts should you care to read them.
If you stopped shouting and posting huge pointless pictures, you would not receive so much hostility and perhaps some constructive help (that includes that given by WWPhil in post#71).
It's not possible to hack into the 4000's software, thus not possible to 'improve' it as has been done to the HDR FOX T2 and Foxsat. These mods have not changed the bog standard user IF much, so we just have to live with its shortcomings and overcome some of them by using the CF. But we don't keep banging on and shouting about the shortcomings of the standard UI when no one here can do anything about it.
As EEPhil says, complain about what's wrong with it to Humax to try to get them to do something about it, but good luck with that.
It's not possible to hack into the 4000's software, thus not possible to 'improve' it as has been done to the HDR FOX T2 and Foxsat.
It's not possible to modify the 2000T either. But it is possible to mitigate some of its failings by use of Foxy (or similar) and various ftp/DLNA bits and bobs run from a PC. The 4000T has been clamped down on even more. I'm not clear whether it is possible to find a way to save HiDef from a 4000T. Unless or until I can get my hands on one, I will never know for sure.
What exactly do you want to know?
Nothing really. It is my understanding that saving HiDef from a 4000T (as in decryping it for playing elsewhere) is not possible. I remember reporting a devious way of saving HiDef from a 2000T https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/saving-hidef-and-other-enc-files-does-this-work.7140/ and wondering whether it worked on a 4000T. You tried to get that working on a 4000T - and it didn't work. I have not followed any progress since. Just curious as to whether anyone has found a solution.