mod: iPhone optimized web interface

An iPhone optimized web interface is now available via the package repository if you have the modded firmware installed.

Once installed just go to http://your.humax.ip.address/iphone/ to access it.

It's not a full replication of the web interface and I plan to add some more functionality after some initial feedback from users.

Let me know what you think!


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Installed and running. Thank you very much.
Not really had chance to play yet but one thing that would be nice would be able to update/install packages.
Recording looks like it's currently disabled in this version of webif.

For remote access you need to configure your router to port forward to the Humax. You'll need to check your router for info on that. I'd also make sure you secure the webif, otherwise anyone could access your box from the web! We should be able to pull together all the info ppl need & put it on the wiki.


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Thanks I will check that out. I have seen pages in the router config for port forwarding. The obvious question is that I know the address of the Hummy on my network but what port from/to?


Slightly Pickled
I can concur. I have just set a recording from my iPhone and had the box reboot no problem.

Sorry that sound crap. Suffice to say I have successfully set a recording via the iPhone i/f and it works!

Edit: When setting the timer but before rebooting the box I noticed that a runtime error text was showing on the iPhone screen. However after a box reboot the new timer recording is showing in the reservation list.
You can schedule recordings via the iPhone but it does require you to restart the box as with the normal webif.
Ah, didn't realise that. All I saw was the error & I've not restarted the box. Shame about that, maybe we'll get that cracked in the future so it won't need a reboot.


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The remote scheduling stuff is extremely immature, which is why it is not enabled by default in either web interface (at least I don't think it is).

There are quite a few problems with the current implementation, not least that there are some race conditions and the reboot sequence isn't as nice as it could be!

The next version will improve on this and also provide a solution without needing to allow the whole Internet to access your Humax.. I just need a few more tuits, the round ones.
Tell me about it; I used to have a lot more spare time. Now with a 3yr old son and 5 week old daughter I've got about an hour or two spare each night.
Not really had chance to play yet but one thing that would be nice would be able to update/install packages.
Package management may well come at some point, need to look at how to best fit it onto the small screen.

I'm probably going to add some file management under the "Media Files" next and also add the single channel epg view.
Screenshots of it in action on my Android phone are now on the wiki;

Maybe the title shouldn't be Humax for iPhone.. it's a bit more generic than that.
Cool - Maybe Humax Mobile?

I'm just looking at changing the Now & Next screens to merge them into one and make it a bit more like the TV Guide app for iPhone. Not sure if that's a good thing or not but worth exploring I thought!

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