New LG Smart TV. Audio dropouts via HDMI

Bit difficult to as it says "Currently Unavailable", which probably means it will never be available again.
Well I bought one 6 days ago so there must be some chance that it will come back into stock but there are lots of units on Amazon that look very similar so it is quite possibly an OEM product that is badged up by several different resellers.
There are several threads with complaints with sound dropout on AVF with ref to SkyQ. Whether these have been tied absolutely to LG TVs or not I'm not sure. But there does seem to be a sound dropout problem with SkyQ for some folk. Relevant or not? Who knows?
I haven't noticed any video problems but I can't really detect any difference between SD and HD let alone 4K so I am probably not the best judge!
Does your TV have visible backlight banding Martin?
Just a bit of info., here is a YouTube video to check banding, search for Pixel - Banding - Clouding Test if recording on the Humax :-

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I promised to update this thread with my experience with the Tendak splitter and apologies for being slow to do it. For the first couple of days things looked good with hardly any drop outs but over the next couple of weeks I started to notice what appeared to me to be a slowly increasing number of drop outs. It then got to a stage where there was also a strange disturbance to the picture occurring occasionally. At this point I removed the splitter and have seen no further picture disturbances but the same sound drop outs continue. I did try the splitter powered from a USB port on the TV but I don't think the current supply was quite high enough (power supply that came with the splitter is rated at 5V 1A whereas USB is probably limited to 0.5A) as this also caused picture disturbances on a frequent basis; this also fits with a comment from one of the Amazon reviews.

I have also tried updating the loader (courtesy of af123) from 7.30 to a 7.34. It certainly hasn't made anything worse but equally I am not convinced it has made any significant improvement.
Thanks for the update, Martin......It looks as though it's something we're going to have to continue to live with!:(. Mine is continuing drop out couple of times or so an hour, no better and no worse.
Long shot, but try with other versions of the boot loader. As af123 pointed out in another thread, the highest version is not necessarily better.
In my case I am experiencing the sound drop outs when watching SD programmes and recordings (I rarely use HD) so problems with handling ac3 are unlikely to be the source of the problems in my case

If the audio handling was an issue could turning off DTV audio settings from auto to manual make a difference?

DTV Audio Setting
HOME Setting icon All Settings icon Sound DTV Audio Setting
When different audio types exist in an input signal, this function allows you to select the audio type you want.
If set to Auto the search order is HE-AAC → Dolby Digital Plus → Dolby Digital → MPEG and output is produced in the first Audio Format found.
The following search order may change depending on the country : HE-AAC → Dolby Digital Plus → Dolby Digital → MPEG.
If the selected Audio Format is not supported, another Audio Format may be used for output.
This function is available on certain models or in certain countries only."

On my Panasonic the web streaming cuts out unless I pause it ... Then play and it works but with no audio. I invariably have to go into the sound menu > SPDIF Selection. change from PCM to Auto and then back to PCM. Then playback and audio work. (I have no clue what SPDIF PCM are!)

Why the smart TV can't detect the best SPDIF selection is not smart. (Humax connected via HMDI to Panasonic Vierra and Vierra connected to soundbar via ARC HMDI..I appreciate your TV set is LG and this may be totally unrelated).
I have no clue what SPDIF PCM are!
Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format Pulse Code Modulation.
I expect that doesn't help.
The smart in smart-TV doesn't refer to what you think it does. It is completely misnamed actually.
I have found Google usually comes up with the results I want. In this case Google gives the answer to both in one hit. In the Glossary, although a first class reference, having scrolled through several pages to find SPDIF, I found that the glossary did not seem to list PCM.
One entry in the Google hits gives this information (which may or may not be correct):
S/PDIF supports the following formats:
Single channel PCM (Mono)
Dual channel PCM (Stereo)
Compressed bitstreams up to 48Khz/16bps using AC3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS encoding mechanisms.
Surround audio across S/PSIF can only be achieved using AC3/DTS.
Multichannel PCM (most desirable) is not possible over S/PDIF but is possible over HDMI.
None of which helps with the sound dropout problem though.
I just added a major entry for PCM.

The aim of the Glossary is to provide a brief definition and explanation of terms used on the forum without the casual reader having to pick through Google search results for an understandable or authoritative version. Granted I can't cover everything, but I hope it is a good starting point.

The content shouldn't be too hard to locate - it is alphabetical!
I totally agree with you WRT your glossary, but in this case to get to S/PDIF you have to scroll to the fourth post to find it and then spend some time scrolling through only to find that PCM wasn't there. Even now there is no short sharp snappy statement about S/PDIF capability, as does my quote above.

I googled 'SPDIF PCM' and the first hit told me all about it.

How about putting links in the first post of the glossary that take you to the post that contains the definition. As in 'A to D', 'E to J' etc. so that it makes for easier finding?
The entry for Tosslink referred to in S/PDF definition just refers you back to where you have just come from:frantic:
I agree there's no point cross-linking back to TOSLINK.

The format of the glossary is limited by the capabilities of the forum mark-up language. A wiki page is an alternative solution, but that also has (different) features I don't like and don't have enough enthusiasm to come to terms with. In terms of cost/benefit of changing the structure - don't hold your breath.
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Generally agree, but just thought that index links on the first post to the others would be pretty straightforward.
Straightforward, maybe, but more useful than a scroll wheel? The shortcuts would have to be sprinkled throughout the listing.