Beta [Real-time scheduling] schedule without rebooting

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Of course! The magic incantation! I had forgotten about that. :thumbsup:

Edit: FFP + reboot brought back the RTS switch. Many thanks. I wonder what caused it.
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It would seem to me that there's scope for a way of detecting broken packages automatically (and possibly also fixing them, but at least reporting them, maybe on the WebIf), to save all the hassle of doing it manually.
Then possibly knowing vaguely when something got broken might lead to a cause.


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I had a runaway recording over the Christmas holiday. I do use RTS, but cannot be certain of the cause.

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It is like asking does the webif still cause the humax to crash/freeze.

Runaway recordings can still occur but with a frequency far far less than the random hangs and crashes that we all have to live with.
What causes them is unknown.

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It's not quite right. I, with 100 %, never had a runaway recording.

Could it possibly be because I do not use RTS?
Obviously! Runaway recordings have only been reported since RTS, by RTS users, but not all RTS users have experienced them (including me). There is a correlation, but we do not know the causation.