Tonne Up!

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Post no 1000!!!


That's 20 trophey points, I thank you!

Edit: don't know why they've not incremented?
Congratulations : ) - the trophy will follow, I think it's a batch process that runs in the background.
Congratulations on your "kilo-post" (Even though I can remember polar bears and transparent mints, along with Marathons, Opel Fruits, Pacers and Sherbert Pips congealed together in a paper bag, stuck to the inside of your pocket and coated in pocket fluff - I'm afraid that for me 'Imperial' is just a prefix for another kind of mint!!! ;))
But have you still got your anorak? ;) :D
It was the 'snorkel' for me - huge, blue, fur lined hood and a death trap because you couldn't see anything out of it when crossing the road!!! (Darwin calls that natural selection - we need more of that nowadays rather than all this dayglo jacket clipboard wielding namby pamby bubble wrap yourself can't step out yer front door without a bloody risk assessment yah de yah....) - sorry BH I'm not gonna dampen your celebratory thread any more - I'm off back into my box...nurse? Where's my medication? What are those straps for? Who made that jacket? The arms are clearly too long!!
I always preferred my duffle. Still got one, rotting away in a cupboard somewhere, warm, fur-lined... and little hope it still fits.
I'm not a Canute*, it will happen some time, post away!

* yes, I know the facts are not the same as the popular perception