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We are seemingly only 5 applications away from our 1500th member (by hovering over the latest member name), or 27 members away if you use the member count on the main page. It only seems like December 15th when we last talked about this......


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I don't think we will ever know the true membership. There seems to be several multiple registrations eg.

A member search for Michael will show three suspicious entries. Michael(Eaton) and MichaelTest1 have the same birth date. Michaeltest no date, but no activity since registration, Jan 12th 2011? :)

oijonesey SEO Guru
Well as this seems to have become the 'scorecard' thread I thought I'd point out that there was me watching for the 20,000th post - apparently looming according to the stats on the front page. So then (based on past experience with every other stat we've tried to watch) I thought I'd better check that against the permalinks for some of the more recent posts only to find we've already passed the post!! This one being the most recent (at time of typing) is counted as post number 20,159. I realise there are lots of deleted posts and posts moved around when we rearranged the threads so I presume the front page count is the net count after all those sorts of adjustments?
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I have always presumed so, but the difference provides a catalyst for divided opinion!