Is it just me or are others missing icons for the following channels on the WebIF & the RS:

54 - ITV4+1
66 - CBS Reality
730 - Insight Radio
Did a retune and neither 67 - Chart Show TV or 75 - Pop are showing.

I got a bit ahead of myself though and thought that Chart Show TV would be the same as the ITV Chart Show from Channel 4 in the 80's. I'm presuming it's not.


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After a retune, I am now missing channel icons for

109 Community HD
110 Channel 4+1 HD
111 4seven HD


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Just retuned (Sandy Heath, Cambs & Beds), and am missing icons for:

4Seven HD
CBS Reality
Channel 4+1 HD
Community HD
Vintage TV

also, the icon looks odd for these:

Motors TV
Peace TV
Propeller TV

For all of these, it's just a white square with a red line in it.

thanks much...

Ezra Pound

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Not sure if the Custom Firmware handles the 'Local TV' icon as they will obviously be different for each TV area, however here is the Big Centre TV icon for Freeview Channel 8 from Sutton Coldfield



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Up here channel 8 is "Made In Leeds" and there are a few other made-ins around too.
This is the icon that Mediaportal have made available:

I'll do an unstretched one!