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Locally it is That's Solent which appears to be virtually content free

Other members of the group http://www.thatstv.com:
  • That's Oxford
  • That's Basingstoke
  • That's Salisbury
  • That's Reading
  • That's Surrey
  • That's Solent


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Who is the expert for new channel icons?
New channel Spike UK on channel 31 (5USA moved to 21, displacing Viva) spiketv.co.UK


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Well, an icon of sorts

and I know where to stick it (/mod/var/mongoose/html/img/channels/out)
But don't know how to link the image in
In any case, someone else will need to glossify it and package it.
RS needs it as well.

I notice that Horror Channel (70) doesn't have an icon either


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As a result of debugging on tunefix, I was looking at the channel information page, I noticed that...
the following channels don't have any icon at all
49 TJC www.tjc.co.uk
73 YourTV www.YourTV.com
74 CBS Drama http://www.cbsdrama.tv/uk/
77 Rishtey Europe rishteytv.com
78 YourTV+1 www.YourTV.com
81 TalkingPictures TV talkingpicturestv.co.uk
602 BBC RB 2 fp.bbc.co.uk
603 BBC RB 3 fp.bbc.co.uk

the following have just a generic icon (white background with a pale red wavy line)
59 BT Showcase www.bt.com
72 ITVBe+1 www.itv.com
719 BBC Bristol fp.bbc.co.uk
731 Classic FM thisisglobal.com
732 LBC thisisglobal.com
733 Trans World Radio www.twr.org

the following channels have identical icons
200 BBC Red Button fp.bbc.co.uk
601 BBC RB 1 fp.bbc.co.uk


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Thanks, I'll do an update.

Here's a page showing all of the channels that are tuned on at least 50 devices registered with RS
sorted by the number of devices that have them, in descending order.

I'll have a go at filling in the gaps later on today. I generally grab images from the mediaportal repository at
http://mediaportal-uk-logos.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/TV/Simple200 , tidy up as necessary for square format and then add the glossy overlay.
Contributions for anything not in that repository always welcome - 200x200 PNG is the best format for me to work with.


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Out of curiosity, what does that actually involve?
I use the background and overlay images from https://github.com/morpheusxx/MediaPortal-LogoManager/tree/master/Designs/Glossy
and build them up into a single .png.
I happen to use PHP since that's what I have on the RS server:

if (count($argv) != 5)
  echo "Syntax: mklogo <src> <base> <over> <out>\n";

$src = imagecreatefrompng($argv[1]);
$base = imagecreatefrompng($argv[2]);
$over = imagecreatefrompng($argv[3]);
$out = $argv[4];

$sw = imagesx($src);
$sh = imagesy($src);
$w = $h = 200;

#imagecopyresampled($base, $src, 0,0,0,0, $w, $h, $w, $h);
imagecopyresampled($base, $src, 0,0,0,0, $w, $h, $sw, $sh);
imagecopyresampled($base, $over, 0,0,0,0, $w, $h, $w, $h);

imagepng($base, $out);


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I've uploaded webif-channelicons 1.1.19, that should cover most of them. I even dropped one in for VuTV even though it's stopping next week.


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Nice job, so I hate to be picky, but 72 ITVBe+1 & 733 Trans World Radio still have the 'default' icon (not worrying about about odd adult channels).


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ITVBe+1 should be there (could it be a browser cache issue?). I missed TWR though and will add it.


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No updates on this thread lately, but I see that the channelicons have been updated. In particular the 5 icons have been changed for their rebranding.
I suspect that this is the source of my problem, I have a number of programmes with no channel icon (just the wavy pink line icon). These programmes were recorded on the old 5* channel, before it was re-branded to 5STAR. I am presuming that the old 5* icon has been removed (I presume it was there before the rebrand?). In any case, /mod/webif/html/img/channels/out/5*.png appears to be linked to ../x/blank.png. Maybe it should be linked to the new 5STAR icon instead.


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webif-channelicons has been updated and includes new or updated icons for:
  • 1-2-1 Dating
  • Africa Free TV
  • BBC Berkshire
  • BBC C&W
  • BBC Cornwall
  • BBC Cumbria
  • BBC Derby
  • BBC Devon
  • BBC Essex
  • BBC Gloucestershire
  • BBC H&W
  • BBC Humberside
  • BBC Kent
  • BBC Lancashire
  • BBC Leicester
  • BBC Lincolnshire
  • BBC Merseyside
  • BBC Newcastle
  • BBC Northampton
  • BBC Nottingham
  • BBC Oxford
  • BBC Radio Cymru Mwy
  • BBC Radio London
  • BBC Sheffield
  • BBC Shropshire
  • BBC Solent Dorset
  • BBC Somerset
  • BBC Stoke
  • BBC Suffolk
  • BBC Surrey
  • BBC Sussex
  • BBC Tees
  • BBC Three Counties
  • BBC Wiltshire
  • BBC World News
  • BBC York
  • Big Centre
  • Box Nation
  • Cambridge TV
  • Capital TV
  • Capital
  • Children's Section
  • Daystar
  • Estuary
  • Frontrunner
  • Hochanda
  • Huda
  • JSTV
  • Keep It Country
  • Ketchup
  • London Live
  • Love World
  • Made In Birmingham
  • Made In Liverpool
  • Mustard TV
  • Notts TV
  • Planet Knowledge
  • Playboy
  • Propeller
  • QVC Style
  • RNIB Connect
  • RT
  • Revelation TV
  • Rocks & Co 1
  • Shop8to12
  • Sony Movie Ch
  • Synapse
  • TV Player
  • That's Cambridge
  • That's Lancashire
  • That's Manchester
  • That's Oxfordshire
  • That's Solent
  • The Craft Channel
  • Vision
I'm not entirely sure what all of these are but they were present in the channel list from at least a dozen boxes registered with RS that had been active in the past month...


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I did a re-tune yesterday. All went well thanks to Tunefix and Shedule Restore, but I notice there are some missing channel icons.
These are:
Quest Red
Sewing Quarter
Quest Red +1
TJC Choice
365 Travel
Kiss Me TV.
Have I missed an update? (Not that I actually watch any of them.)

I also have LCNs 695 - 898 tuned with just the LCN number as the channel name and no EPG data. What are these please?


Well-Knwοn Мember
I also have LCNs 695 - 898 tuned with just the LCN number as the channel name and no EPG data. What are these please?
This has happened to me when the signal for secondary transmitters is so weak that the HDR can tell there is a channel but not the full details.