WebIf Tweaks: Changes to the EPG

Yes, don't give the responsibility to a self-employed (between degree courses) newly qualified ( :roflmao: ) electronic engineer with a little software knowledge, paid on a university blue form (travel expenses!) sub-contracted to a one man company (lecturer) doing a job on the cheap for a local business. (BTW, despite the odd payment method, I did pay all my tax & NI). I ended up re-designing, coding, documenting and testing the damn thing and it still went wrong at 4:30am. :oops:
IMO an HDR with CF is better than anything Humax would have allowed themselves to contemplate, so we have gained and had a bit of fun as well.
I agree, I`ve has numerous PVR's and the Humax is still the best, even without the CF, I had a Panasonic that had an awful clunky interface and a Technisat that liked to corrupt files, both those boxes would crash periodically, that seems to be a 'feature' of PVR's!
These tweaks to the EPG are very welcome, however I have two concerns:
1) Are @Matthew and @af123 'talking' to each other about these changes so that they can/may be incorporated into the next version of WebIf ? If not then I would have to keep examples of the changes so that I can (re)incorporate them when WebIf is next updated.
2) If they are included into WebIf will I be able to turn some off if I don't find them useful ?