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At the risk of dragging us back to the topic, has anyone tried either of the two new features in the latest webif?
Not yet no (gimme a chance), but I very much like ripping iPlayer from time to time, and I have a job lined up for deduplicate, so it shouldn't be too long. I want a quick play with auto-unprotect and NTFS first.
Under Service Management, do you think we could have something which says what the services do, not just list their cryptic names?

I've installed auto-unprotect, and am giving it a little time to sweep the flags. The gen in the package management says about the Enc flag, but does it clear the DTCP flags as well?
At the risk of dragging us back to the topic, has anyone tried either of the two new features in the latest webif?

Yes I have. I tried the dedup option - very handy. I had a folder of dirtgirlworld episodes from cbeebies (it freaks me out to be honest, but the kids love it!). Anyway - the dedup offered me a rename of 'Cbeebies-episodename' which I accepted and sure enough I got all my files renamed. Nice!

What would be very nice would be if I could have an option to have entered something something of my own to use instead of the suggestion of Cbeebies i.e dirtgirl and then the rename would have used that along with the episode name.

I also saw the option to save the last streamed file but I couldn't work out how to navigate to the folder where the streams are stored - I recalled reading that it was somewhere specific in the folder structure but couldn't remember where to look. If it is somewhere specific then maybe the save streamed option could take me to it? TBH I haven't dug around in it enough to be sure what I'm doing so I'm off to get my spade!
I just had a look at Deduplicate while I was waiting for my Enc flags to clear (some have). I have a load of Clue recordings dumped from R4X (I just grab anything going), but the alternative names offered were rediculously long so I abandoned it.

Here's my idea (rather along the same lines as above): identify dupilcate recordings using the text tags, and display the full description, but have an input field for us to decide what to call it.
I tried the 'save last stream' option, it saved a clip I'd watched on YouTube a couple days ago, so it seems to be working nicely.
OK right I thought you had to find the clip location - but you don't you just click the button. Can we get the words "...do not press" on the button please, that would've made me click it!!! ;) Yup all works OK for me too.

In the media browser, the un-Enc'd HiDef files I am copying to the NTFS drive are showing up flagged as SD.
Where is the "save last stream" button in the WebIF navigation? Or maybe it doesn't show up if you don't have a stream file?
Once the copy is finished they should be ok.
All of them, or just one? 'Cos one 4GB file has copied and it's in the middle of the next.

Also, is one supposed to be able to bring up a pie chart for attached drives?
0.7.5 improves the package management backend a bit and adds an 'upgrade all' button.

There's also a new 'reset custom firmware' button on the settings screen but I'm not in a position to test it at the moment...
The dedup option, that I haven't tried yet, can I add a long wanted feature request ?

When removing duplicates can the option be given to discard those with the lowest bitrate ? (size/time) - I used to record stuff of the Toppy before series link and I had to manually delete dups and there was often huge discrepencies between the bitrate to some of the duplicate broadcasts - I would personally prefer more betterer bits :)
Maybe not as clear as it might be : ) You click it once you're in the folder in which you want to save the stream.

Thanks af123 - sometimes the issue is a PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer) - longer term it's nothing a quick note in a pop up help balloon wouldn't sort out.