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[webif] Web interface

Black Hole

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Mulling it over I wondered about a traffic light system - we already have green "Dec" and amber "Enc", we could also have a red "Loc".

Confuse users? How much more confusing would it be than having "Enc" meaning "you can't decrypt this yet" instead of "this is encrypted"? A few people have fallen into that trap.

Black Hole

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I agree it is misleading
Hurrah! At least somebody sees my point.

The icon was chosen to match what is displayed in the on-screen media list and the logic is mirrored too (i.e. you will always see Enc or no-Enc consistently across the two interfaces).
The only saving grace for not correcting it.

'Tain't broke...
Of course it's broke! It's just not us who broke it. I would have expected a fellow tech author to recognise the difficulty.

Alright alright, I'll stand down. I maintain it is not at all intuitive.

Black Hole

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Ha! (don't jump, this is just banter now - I recognise a lost cause)

The faults in many user interfaces (that term includes application forms and procedures, etc) are often because the teams involved have adapted to illogical situations, and keep the status quo with all the overhead of newcomers struggling, instead of taking a one-off hit and making the UI more logical and comprehensible - ie intuitive (less need for instructions). Individuals already indoctrinated have no incentive to change, therefore veto an improvement programme as change for change sake.

Sometimes changes are change for change sake, or badly designed with good intention. That gives improvement programmes a bad name.

Ezra Pound

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Why have you left it this long before requesting the change? If ‘ENC’ is wrong it has been wrong for months / Years, How about proposing a more logical ‘Metric Time’ system based on 10 / 100 Mins. per hour and 10 hours in a day, it’s more logical than 60 Mins. and 24 Hours and I’m sure the World wouldn’t mind the the inconvenience of this ‘one-off hit’ solution :)


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Personally, I've always preferred the French Republican Calendar to the Julian or Gregorian (or even Mayan) versions. Today is the primidi of the second décade of Vendémiaire. Oh, and the associated vegetable for today is the potato. Put that in your EPG and smoke it.

Black Hole

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Tee hee. I should have found an emoticon for 'facetious'. BTW, I think your spell checker substituted the wrong word (from one leg-end to another).