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Driving and Roads


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The problem with indicators and modern person is that the latter generally use the former to confirm they are doing what they are already doing.
There is no attempt to use them to indicate what they are planning to do.

I play a game when following people sometimes by predicting what they are going to do, based on their 'body' language, before they indicate it (if they indicate at all). In most cases the indication is superfluous.


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A 'majority' telltale is the movement right before turning left, and vice-versa - sometimes worrying when performed by an adjacent car in constricted traffic lanes (eg traffic lights)

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the movement right before turning left, and vice-versa
Dreadful. A "boy racer" tactic to carry more speed into the corner instead of performing the manoeuvre with correct (respectful) braking and steering inputs.

I can't count how many times I have had to take avoiding action when another vehicle has turned into my side road, cutting the corner without considering who might be coming out of it (again to carry more speed, or just laziness). The white markings on the road are there for a purpose!

The roundabout near me is wide enough for at least two cars, but doesn't have lane markings. It is not uncommon I'm heading for the third exit on the inside track, while another car obstensibly on the outside track and going straight on drifts right (pinching my space, unaware there's another vehicle) before exiting. Only the other day, I had a BMW on the outside track go all the way around to the third exit without any signals!
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There is a new roundabout being built here and at the moment there is a Turn Left Only coming out of the side road onto the main road. I was following a car up the side road yesterday and could tell they were thinking about turning right into the oncoming traffic. My hand was on the horn and pressed as soon as their right turn indicator started flashing which stopped them in their tracks and made them think again.

To cap it all, after turning left, instead of doing the regulation U-turn at the next roundabout to go in the direction they wanted they did a three point turn in the middle of two way traffic! :eek:

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There is a general degeneration of road manners which, while almost unbelievable to us old-school drivers, typifies the self-centred look-after-no1 attitude of the younger generation. They will go the wrong way down a one way street if it saves them time and they think they'll get away with it (and with the current state of policing, they will). I've been face to face with one. They don't care.

Recently I was on a side road in Bristol, lined both sides with parked cars and only room for one vehicle to traverse, up a hill. I was nearly at the top when a great white Merc entered from the other direction, big black bloke with afro hair, just sat there beckoning me to reverse back. There was a space just behind him! I would have needed to reverse at least 200m, and it was my right of way up the hill! I gestured at him and pointed out the pull-in, which he grudgingly reversed into, but I didn't half get an ear-full when I went by.

Then there was the white van man stopped at the exit onto a higher priority road - I was sitting behind him for a while thinking he must have been able to get out by now... I went to see what was happening and found him basically parked up checking his phone.


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