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[network-shares-automount] package released

I seem to have installed this package in the past, and have a [Shares] folder in My Video with one linked share. I now want to add a 2nd share, but I don't have a [Modsettings] folder. What's the best way to proceed?

Black Hole

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It won't work without a [Modsettings] folder for the configuration, so I don't see how you have a working share. Reinstall the package.


I do like how these packages work together. For example, using network-shares-automount to have a link to anotherwhere to store TS files and having the HDR Fox T2 redraw the support files using the sidecar package. Even more impressive is that using TSmuxerGUI to make M2TS files and rename them to TS allows H.264/AAC with full EPG data and transport support, getting around the "no AAC" limitation of AV2HDR-T2 v1.0 which as far as I know is still the most recent version.