Newbie: Help needed

I have even tried taking off Raydon's software completely, installing the last Humax firmware and then reinstalling Raydon's software but when I try again with the IP address, the login user name and password comes up again as though it wasn't a complete uninstall and reinstall as I thought it was.,
Did you follow the procedure in post #3 of this thread ? In particular note the final sentence.
Can you provide a bit more information ?

1) If the "disconnect all my equipment and reinstall" was the trigger can you tell us what exactly you did ? Just a physical power down, re-arrangement of cables or whatever should not have caused loss of access, so what else happened ? Something like updating your browser might be a more plausible cause.
Understanding this might help work out why you had problems initially, which might inform the solution.
2) As Martin has linked to, removing the custom firmware properly requires access to the system to delete data before re-flashing, so the implication is that you can't have removed the CF. Can you explain exactly what you did when you went through the uninstall CF, install standard, reinstall CF route ?
3) When accessing the Foxsat Webif prior to the trigger are you sure it was secured ? For example, did you need to type in username/password each time or perhaps you have the credentials saved in some form on your browser or password safe ?
4) Can you re-confirm that SSH connections using the default credentials for both default accounts (HumaxFTP and root) fail ? Note usernames are case sensitive as well as password.
5) Did you have any file transfer mechanism in use with the foxsat ? e.g. Filezilla, mapped drives etc
What OS is your Putty client running on?
Can you get to the command line by launching 'Cmd' (IIRC, sorry I'm not a Windows user).
When you get to the command line, can you run Telnet from there?
Hello Cancunia. I'm not sure how I would do this. What I can tell you is that I am using
PuTTY Release 0.78 Build platform: 64-bit x86 Windows
Compiler: clang 14.0.0 , emulating Visual Studio 2022 (17.2), _MSC_VER=1932, _MSC_FULL_VER=193231329
Operating system is Windows 11 HOME and browser is the latest Chrome browser for Windows.
How would I tell net from CMD?
Hi Cancunia
Only a partial success.
Telnet was managed to be switched on but connecting to the box failed.


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Progress of sorts...
It's odd that it says 'failed' but that may be just a Windows 10 thing, other Telnet clients that I've used say 'connection refused' if it's turned off. But looks like you have the Humax CLI now
Great, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. One of the other posters suggested that I "rf /mnt/hd4/opt". Is that correct?
No, don't use the 'rf' command just yet. It will delete all your files.
I'm just scanning back through the other posts to see what telnet access does for you.
OK, post 13

So, can you try the 'passwd -h' command and see what happens?
Change a user password. If no name is specified,
changes the password for the current user.
-a Define which algorithm shall be used for the password
(Choices: des, md5)
-d Delete the password for the specified user account
-l Locks (disables) the specified user account
-u Unlocks (re-enables) the specified user account
Ok, so there's a way to change the passwords. Let's just check what user you're logged in as, my guess is root.
Type in 'whoami'