trusty 9300t finally had enough?

So do you get any error message when you try to run it? Have you tried

/tmp/humaxrw 1: -l

Yes, tried with progressive number 1,2,3 etc as advised previously. Error message reads 'No such file or directory'

Looking at permissions again if relevant - tmp file permissions - owner root and sharing protocol requires administrator to alter. Not sure
if this possible in live USB version of OS?
I don't know, but I suspect that you might need to use /dev/sda or similar instead of 1: etc.

The help is somewhat unhelpful as to what "HUMAXDISK" actually should be.
Ok I have remembered the Linux version is different; This is copied from a post by user Bobblecat on

"I extracted humaxrw into my /Home folder and worked with the executable 'humaxrw' from there.

In Ubuntu Linux a sata drive is defined in this form, /dev/sdX where X is the drive specified as X= a, b, c, d etc [Letters are used rather than numbers]
The old form /dev/hdX [used in the readme] changed to /dev/sdX when sata drives came along.

I ran 'sudo blkid' in the terminal with the Humax drive connected and identified it as /dev/sdd.

Not surprising as I already have three drives connected and they show up as /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, and /dev/sdc.

I had to use sudo with the commands to make them work. [sudo is superuser - a bit like admin in windows]

So the list command looked like this:

sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdd -l

That worked. I got a list of the recordings on the Humax disk.
You will need to check the drive letter for the Humax disk on your equipment, it might not be /dev/sdd.
I was able to go on to successfully back up from the Humax drive to my /Home folder.

To achieve this I entered the following in the terminal:

sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdd -b

The backup only took a few minutes. Really pleasing as I was dreading that it might take hours. The backed up files appeared in my /Home directory.
The .ts files will run with no problem through VLC media player on my PC."
Attached is version 1.15 for Linux.
tar xvzf humaxrw-1.15.tgz
Edit: Removed original zip attachment and replaced with tgz


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Attached is version 1.15 for Linux. It is double wrapped I'm afraid in order to get around this forum's insistence upon using recognised file types.
tar xvzf humaxrw-1.15.tgz
If you let me know the file type extension, I will add it to the list accepted by the forum.
This is what I got when completing the first part 'sudo blkid' with the HDD connected:
mint@mint ~ $ sudo blkid
/dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"
/dev/sda1: LABEL="RECOVERY" UUID="06ECC92AECC914B9" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sda2: UUID="1EF8CA81F8CA56A5" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sda3: LABEL="BACKUP" UUID="9630E30930E2EEE5" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sdb1: LABEL="MULTIBOOT" UUID="97CE-B44B" TYPE="vfat"
I assume these are all my windows machine and live linux (sdb1) usb. So no sign of HDD so far.
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sudo humaxrw /dev/sdc -l - command not found

sudo lsblk produced:

mint@mint ~ $ sudo lsblk
sda  8:0  0 149.1G  0 disk
|-sda1  8:1  0  7G  0 part
|-sda2  8:2  0  112G  0 part /media/mint/1EF8CA81F8CA56A5
`-sda3  8:3  0  30G  0 part /media/mint/BACKUP
sdb  8:16  1  3.8G  0 disk
`-sdb1  8:17  1  3.7G  0 part /cdrom
sdc  8:32  0 298.1G  0 disk
loop0  7:0  0  1.3G  1 loop /rofs

sdc looks like the HDD
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sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdc -l - command not found

How can I check humaxrw is in the current directory?
sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdc -l - command not found

How can I check humaxrw is in the current directory?
Presumably you know where you put it???
"ls -l" to see what's there. But I'd imagine you'd know this?
I re-extracted humaxrw 1.5 to home file.

re-entered command and it gave:

mint@mint ~ $ sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdc -l
Partition 2: Input/output error
I/O errors indicate a problem reading from the disk. Partition 2 is only used for storing JPEGs so it may not be a major problem providing there are no I/O errors elsewhere. You should still be able to use recovery mode, try:
sudo ./humaxrw /dev/sdc -l -r