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trusty 9300t finally had enough?

Discussion in 'PVR-9300 Freeview Recorder' started by hu12, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. hu12

    hu12 Member

    I can try badblocks again now if you still need it but it does take several hours to run as you no doubt know, so i will only do it after you have revised the above?
  2. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    Your current directory in superuser mode is not the same as that in user mode.
    "exit" back to user mode and either note the path (use "pwd") and then run humaxrw from there in superuser mode again or run it in user mode using "sudo".
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2016
  3. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    It'll be "/home/mint/humaxrw" in superuser mode (having just checked on a VM running Mint 18 live CD).
  4. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    Probably worth doing "smartctl -t short /dev/sdc" and then after 2 minutes "smartctl -a /dev/sdc" and see if it tells you of any failing LBA. If not repeat with a "smartctl -t long /dev/sdc" and wait 102 minutes and then repeat the "-a" one.
  5. hu12

    hu12 Member

    I am getting the following. Is this how you intend I use the command?
    mint@mint ~ $ sudo /home/mint/humaxrw
    Humax disk not found
    mint@mint ~ $ /home/mint/humaxrw
    Humax disk not found
    mint@mint ~ $ sudo -i /home/mint/humaxrw
    Humax disk not found
    mint@mint ~ $ ./home/mint/humaxrw
    bash: ./home/mint/humaxrw: No such file or directory
    mint@mint ~ $
  6. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    Strewth, this is like pulling teeth...
    In user mode ($ prompt), you can use either /home/mint/humaxrw or ./humaxrw (as you current directory will be /home/mint unless you change to somewhere else) with sudo.
    In superuser mode (# prompt), your current directory will be /root (unless you change to somewhere else), so use /home/mint/humaxrw without sudo.
    If you want to change from user mode to superuser mode, use "sudo -i" on its own. I won't confuse you with any more variations.

    I thought it was fairly obvious by now that you need to include all the other bits of the command on the end of the humaxrw bit, as previously.
  7. hu12

    hu12 Member

    I'll tell you what - take my thanks for your advice and a running jump for the rest. I told the forum that
    Linux is not my OS but you clearly didn't get that in your ivory tower. I'll seek help elsewhere where
    they are not so up their own A**e.
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  8. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    The point is that you omitted the /dev/... bits of the humaxrw command on the command line. You didn't tell humaxrw where to look for the disk! Think for yourself a little bit instead of expecting to be spoon-fed all the way down the line (prpr has been very patient so far!).
  9. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

    You have the memory of a goldfish. You can't remember where you put things. You can't remember, or be bothered, to look back a few posts for what you did previously. You seem to have no capacity to learn even the simplest thing. It's nothing to do with "Linux not being my OS". Nor am I in an ivory tower.
    Good luck with that then. I suspect you'll get nowhere. You certainly won't get anywhere here.
    I really wonder why I bothered wasting my time on someone like you. I won't in future, like mostly nobody else did.

    And as for Wallace and his pathetic "Like", I despair.
  10. prpr

    prpr Well-Known Member

  11. Wallace

    Wallace Slightly Pickled

    Pillock, you took the bait...

    And you can report me, I don't give a rat's backside.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2016
  12. Trev

    Trev The Dumb One