YouTube crash


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Over last few days I have noticed the App Market has appeared in the HD-FOX T2 Portal, I can add basic apps like Guitar Chords etc without needing a drive attached to the unit!!! - I had long given up on anything coming of this.

However, it appears to have broken my most used Portal function, YouTube. The YouTube Menu works as normal but when I go to play a video the unit appears to reboot.

Is anyone else seeing this with YouTube or has my unit suddenly developed an issue? It's been working flawlessly and is a well used by my little one - who actually told me of the issue...

Well part of the problem is I'm not sure if the App Market did something to YouTube.

My 7 year old uses the portal and *could* of allowed/updated YouTube - but he's not admitting to it.

Everything else seems to be working fine though.... hmmmm
I have added Apps. from the new App. store and can still play You Tube Videos, I did find a lot of 'Cannot support this video due to invalid file format' but some definitely still play
Thanks guys,

I think I will try a factory reset this evening, see if that changes anything....
1. Factory reset
2. Disassociation from myHumax (app removal)
3. Complete power off/on
4. and fiddling with just about every option in the settings

...have no effect, as the video begins in YouTube the HD screen goes blank the little circle of dashes appears on the front of the box and goes back to TV channel.

All other functionality works fine, except Internet Radio. (Now I thought this had been broken in a firmware and never fixed), exactly the same thing happens when I go to launch a radio channel....

iPlayer, Picasso, Flickr and SD/HD DNLA all work fine - it's just Internet Radio (don't care) and YouTube.

I'm am prepared to think this may be a hardware fault, but what is triggering it? Is it audio related as Internet Radio causes the same issue?

All HD content I can throw at it via DNLA works fine - weirdness!!!
Is that any YouTube video or just the same one each time (there could be a bug in that particular video)? Internet Radio should work, depending which firmware you are on - see Things Every... (click) section 1.
I get a the vast majority of "Cannot support this video due to invalid file format" as normal, but the variety of videos it does attempt to play begin the familiar twirling star of dashes in the video window, then the reboot occurs. It happens on any video it "tries" to play.

I might try reverting a firmware just to test this, and definitely an Internet Radio working version just to see.....
OK, so original firmware was 1.02.29
Reverted to 1.02.28 - Internet Radio works!! - same broken YouTube
Reverted to 1.02.27 - Neither work (same as 1.02.29)

Edit: After a further reboot back onto 1.02.29 - Internet Radio works !!! YouTube still no go.

As probably 80% of YouTube videos seem to get the Invalid Format error anyway, I think it's time to get OpenELEC up on the Pi as a replacement - still just weird though......
I have just tried YouTube on my HD-FOX T2, and can confirm that there does seem to be a problem. You can search for a video okay, but when you select one to play, the loading graphic freezes. The front panel display shows "Crash" followed by "Boot" as the box reboots. I didn't have this problem yesterday when I tried YouTube on a HDR-FOX T2, so perhaps the issue is specific to the HD-FOX T2.
Confirmed. I just tried that on a video I played on an HDR and, as you say, the HD-FOX (1.02.29) rebooted. I made the mistake of assuming the HD-FOX and HDR-FOX would behave similarly.
Same problem since yesterday. YouTube not working on my HD-Fox T2. YouTube loads and can scroll through the menu but when trying to play a video it starts to load and then reboots. BBC iPlayer still working. Anyone in contact with humax towers to report this?
Hurrah!!! - or maybe not

So it's not just me.... Thanks for confirming this HD-Fox T2 guys
I have to say I've pretty much given up with the Portal. I bought an Apple TV and use that instead - also works well using Airplay from the Iphone.
Hi All.
YouTube still causing a reboot when it loads any video on my HD-T2. BBC iPlayer and Internet Radio working fine. Is YouTube working ok on the HD-T2 for anyone here?
Software version 1.02.29
Loader Version L7.27
Update Date 05 Jul 2012