Amusing Items

Ha. I had something similar with an elderly neighbour few years ago. He called round to say that he couldn’t hear when he tried to use is hands free landline phone.
He had mistakenly placed his TV remote control handset into the phone handset’s cradle and was trying to make a call with the TV remote!

It was like a scene from a comedy show. If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would have thought someone was taking the pee.
There was a similar incident when I was an apprentice. The company I was doing my radio apprenticeship with in NZ was looking at assembling telephones sourced from GE UK. For some reason we had a sample phone and it was passed to the guy in the mechnical workshop for some reason. It happened to be the same colour as the telephone in the workshop, so one of the other apprentices hid the sample under the bench and put its handset on the real phone. In due course someone rang the extension nad apparently it was quite fun to watch the workshop guy lift the handset and attempt to talk on it. The other amusing thing was you could hea rthis tinny voice coming from the real handset under the table.